Who Chose Spring

2 min readJun 13, 2024

…legend has it

author: MS Paint

Am I conditioned for earthly display
A foray in spring, the colors within
Earthly conditions — do I have a say
Amongst the contrasts I find myself in
Can I truly evolve — paint by decree
As if golden strokes of wax and amber
Should art theory be studied in slumber
While dreamy poets clumsily clamber
And the chameleons ponder their dues
Computer graphics provide us raw clues
Digitization —perhaps it’s bad news
For war and slander and all our good deeds
Why is green calmer under skies of blue
And why is the sun a spectrum removed
Stand out in the sky a background inversed
Played out on a stage of logic reversed
Of burgundy, gold — of that I am sold
Electric blue and all garish of hues
Surely our outlook is bold when resolved
Whereby harmony and contrast ensue
If not, there is time, seems we are sublime
Quantum computers will prove us all kings
Unlike the rocks — trusted partners in slime
Legend, we have it if cometh lunchtime