Unsightly Love

2 min readNov 22, 2023


author: MS Paint

What is obscener than by love unseen
Sacrificed hearts forgotten; now ignored
For whom does it toll by some revised scheme
All rites of passage now to be implored
Past glories — contempt — sacrificial lamb
Did not all past profits steal from its tufts
Sacrificial lamb, the battering ram
Stolen pain, but when is enough enough
To seek shelter; warmth; a haven embrace
Was not the milk and honey freely sought
Were the enemies our heroes to chase
A contingency of war before fought
Do you now seek this new day’s victory
Over whom; and what will prevail
Is it by your own hand such sympathy
As offered when you too were assailed
Is it you or your savior who has wronged
‘Ready written, the past not forgotten
Betrothed, an angel, Lucifer, once shone
Fallen grace, the wrath of the begotten
Is it not by his sword that comes the spring
Does not his curse panic the darkened wood
If not by his sword, then who is thy king
If not by his hand, then by whose sword could
Earth holds his mastery, even by birds
Sanctioned in flight over such looming herds