Ugly Art

2 min readSep 28, 2023

#1 — divide and conquer

The Mona Peter — beauty is in the eye of the beholder — collage — author

In midnight oil I sew my toils
With ears unworthy — yet, which thou hast soiled
To never embroil in pettily filed foibles
Implied credentials — tired resentments
Wherefore art the muse of music rescinded
To the letters of the law, perhaps a politician befriended
Hath not one a country to rectify
Live in a glorious mansion gentrified
Must we suffer the sufferance of your cursory glances
Bestow upon you two or three more second chances
You’ve led youth astray, given them chaff to graze
Is your gift for us in art with no lilt of melody
Perhaps it’s in the senate, perhaps the Holy See
For blessed is thy vision, remake us in your image, free
Endorsed from above, talent worth a fee
Dear Sirs I seek partition for your pleas
Lest it be in tune, not another sung off key
Abandon your sermons for musicality
Abomination of your cult, another apology
As we bow to sweeter singing larks like Mr. Albanese