There’ll Always Be Paris

2 min readMar 21, 2024

full bloom

author: MS Paint

Did I not walk you
Through the streets of love
Did I not hound you
Leading into June
Was it not loud enough
Did I not risk the fall
And when you floundered
Who was it you called for
Some shining prince charming
On cruel streets so disarming
Where the heavens don’t align
With the north star of your mind
Refined, in the art of war
Did I not outflank you
And all you implored
Riddle me that on a dark night into Paris
The azure seas off Athens
Or to Venice or Rome
Make your way home
There are many more roads
I have many more loads
I carry just for you
Remember that alone
I have many more guises
But rarely beg twice
For fools do not suffer
And there’s pain in rebuttal
But when it comes time to beg
Once will suffice
Endured in the sufferance
Life now surrendered
To the depths of my soul
Am I to be eternally encircled
By the intrigues of your mind
For I live by the sword
And drink from the chalice
I will prove to endure
And know there’ll always be Paris