The Torch of Spring

2 min readMay 16, 2024

…hate, love and fury

author: MS Paint

Do I need to sing for the torch of spring
Lay to waste all signs of cataclysm
Pray for the reign of the newly born king
Or fall on my sword by Churchill’s schism
Do I prance like a prince of history
Predict my own fall, euphemistically
Soar like an eagle in translucency
Or dream as the hermit on L.S.D.
And where do I buy such freedom of choice
Can I be judged by thought without action
When should we fall to our knees and rejoice
And await some false leader’s infractions
And who be the judge and who be jury
Who be grand purveyor of dichotomy
And who is versed in hate, love, and fury
Who is anointed apothecary
Perhaps the preacher, teacher, the screecher
School bully — by surgical procedure
Should it be Plato or NATO or Nietzsche
Bachelor of arts, his girlfriend, his niece
All of them; none of them; make history
Don’t be caught out giving lessons for free
And if we can forgive Rome’s rise and fall
Our judgment might claw forgiveness for all