The Merciless Sun

2 min readAug 28

a poem

author: MS Paint

You walk like a musician
Talk like a politician
But I’ve ran out of sinning
Ran out of grinning
I’m over the winning
Yes — over the skimming
Not yet hard of hearing
But what I am fearing
Is you on the lose
Streaming fake news
Screaming fake blues
Shedding crocodile tears
Your rants don’t belie
That I too should endear
In history’s thick pages
Fulfilled to enrage us
Can’t make that stuff up
For those left at the altar
All can be said is wassup
Like you I’m inclined
To think by design
Encroach on their stages
Seek another lost page
A free ride to the Moon
At a theater near you
The haters and liars
Deniers despised
Kaleidoscope eyes
Lucy on fire
Eyewash to silence
Diamonds in eyes
If the world ends tomorrow
You’ll be first on the slide
No more tormenting
Perhaps you best hide
For me, I reside
With a stake in my heart
Take a last stand
Don’t need guidance by clans
Or beg what’s in hand
Like old Peter Pan
I went down the streets
Boy, that’s somewhat a treat
That’s where you’ll find it
Seems all are alike
Not a diamond in sight
Where all are born equal
Under a broken church steeple
And all fall as one
Under the merciless Sun