The Fall of Man

2 min readMar 16, 2022


img via Tenor

O what be said of the fall of man
Of what be sought and what be damned
Of higher calls and scores and scams
And outages and yes we can
In froth top halls at highbrow balls
Where calls are made [it always bores]
Announce their kings, renounce their kin
Be born again and back again
Golden trades their high-end falls
To earth and man completes their cause
To wit and wane, their only source
God save the king to do his chores
At one-stop-shops, on dancing floors
The passion breeds rotating doors
And dancing clowns and kids with frowns
Will strike too late before it dawns
So put away your high end gowns
It’s way too fun that’s how it sounds
And up you grow in new age towns
Collectivise in rude compounds
To catch the bus you first must run
Don’t dawdle if you see it come
First go to canter, then to sprint
So off to school and all in sync
Where one and one and one make three
Where honey comes from the honey bee
Where first you work to get your score
Where what’s been chanced is what’s in store