The Divide

2 min readOct 10, 2021

a poem

img via Tenor

All the leaders of your time
All the houses sold sub prime
All the bills that come on time
The eagle and the lion
Every stranger in your place
The master of the human race
The animals in zoos
Recalcitrant tattoos
The lover that you choose
Every autumn that you spend
Every summer you pretend
Every winter you suspend
The spring that you upend
In the evening and every day
Every elephant-check payday
Every tramp and every gay
No matter what they say
Every gun and every sword
And all you can afford
And all you have in hoard
And all the shit you’ve scored
The desperate and the bored
And all the reassured
Adored and underscored
And those who are ignored
All the tales that you tell
All the copies that you sell
Words once used like swell
What a living hell
So take me to your leader
Make sure she is sweeter
A cougar or a cheater
A sexy senorita
Bleater or short sheeter
Petiter is discrete’r
Woe be Mr. Hater
Potato head inflator
Master debater
All things that are greater
And everything that fell
And anything that might smell
Things that are hell