The Courtship of Kylie Minogue

2 min readSep 9, 2023

set us free

author: MS Paint

’Twas the courtship of Kylie Minogue
Not done in jest…but done in Vogue
Her reputation fleeting
Whence caught off guard — a late night meeting
The courtship of Kylie Minogue, intriguing
Suffers fools gladly — not this queen
Her taste omnipotent, near occidental; some say anecdotal
I’m not yet convinced it’s even social
But fling thou dost — close to the sun
Wings singed
Lenny Kravitz, Jason Donovan
Kind of eclectic…then some
But to whom does this tall dark stranger come
A British lone ranger
Creative director, some tail chaser
He might sprout wings — but the singing budgie is already singed
Tweeting twenty times a day — he’s quickly moved out of play
The courtship of Kylie Minogue — a treat, be damned
For what are you searching: Jean-Claude Van Damme
Nick Cave is a bad seed gone astray
So, abandon hope all ye who enter here, as they say
Or maybe a little on the side for today
The courtship of Kylie Minogue
Surely for her there can only be one
Never say never
Made for her, magic!
To a tragic end
Michael Hutchence once fit such a trend
But beware Kylie Minogue — don’t perish at your own hand
May the courtship last forever — an uncomplicated one-night stand