Street Heart

2 min readAug 20, 2023



author: MS Paint

It’s hell out on the streets
Trying to be discreet
Giving it a whirl
Trying to be a girl
Down by the tunnel of love
The slum and haters be
Trying to take control
Can’t you let it be?
Calling me a f & c
I deserve my place
In the human race
Out upon an open space
Hallowed ground
A tenement on paved cement
Downtime in a pop-up tent
Shoot the rent
Where angels fear to tread
Were they heaven sent
Staying up all night
Waking up in fright
Just to move ‘em out of sight
Being uptight
Another blight
But by morning light
It’s time to fly my kite
Head downtown a piece
Avoiding all police
Make my little tease
Spin sixty degrees
Score my baby bag
Go and get some sleaze
Take a ride to please
With the local squeeze
Wash out all the fleas
Wrap up my disease
Shake a little tush
Contact mister push
Head downtown a piece
Avoiding all police
There she goes again
Wonders never cease
The wicked live no peace
And strangers intervene
Hey! Where you been?
It’s hell out on the streets