She of the Throne

2 min readFeb 9, 2024


author: MS Paint

We are in perpetual crisis
Take up thy blade Queen Isis
Isis our Goddess Aset
Cast your magic
Reveal the secrets of Thoth
Unleash your shining wings
Restore your underworld king
Lightning thief
Lead me to your eternal doors
Your homely candor
Ascribed on the pyramid walls
Along with Osiris, your king
His authority forestalled
By a misplaced dream
Revelation in poppy dews, at dawn
Cast asunder in fourteen pieces
Restore all that is lost — thy sacred phallus
And thy sweet harvest
Resurrect thy Lord reborn
Isis, offer us the fruits of his bounty
Do not deceive us by potion nor spell
Lest Ra falls
Cast your magic for a thousand years
And may the rains pour a thousand more
The sacred black waters cherish all again
For, will Ra reveal his secret and varied names
If confronted by your many more
And contort Set’s dominance over your realm
Did you not partake in Ra’s journey
Your wisdom and humanity subverted
Drowned in the magic, the sacred oath of your femininity
Peace and war, life and death, pain and pleasure
Pass on your sheathed weapon shapeshifting queen
That your son Pharoah Horus may one day endure