Retentive Soul

2 min readApr 18, 2024


author: MS Paint app

I have no retentive habits
Seek not to eat sweet rabbits
Fed on grass, and sapid
I need not have it
Even Welsh, or rabid
Crazed Korean dogs
Indian holy cows
The downward dog
I need not avow
Tis not akin to the guinea fowl
Its thigh or tender jowl
I seek not the sow for now
Pork belly futures or the Dow
The path I seek is pure
Clear watered and eternal
Virginal surprise
It’s in my eyes
The greenwoods of my cries
The golden mile
A golden smile
A wallet of Bitcoin…but not piles
Golden rainbow arches
Salted starches
Not a frown or scowl
And while I prowl
I take my berries for good reason
Cherries when in season
Yet no sherry do I seize on
Yes, I keep my holy vows
Spy not the pepperoni paparazzi
Or Virginian leg ham Nazis
To clog some lame assed entry
Especially when sedentary
It’s elementary
I need no butter balls
Suffice for me, my buttered-up queen
May give me butter beans
Not of butter, just of beans
Not a blood lust or crime scene
Like nightmares of meat so lean
I’m vegan bound
My queen’s been crowned
This li’l hot dog was lost now found
I’m on the warpath to perfection
Hopefully seen in my reflection
At the gym — my greatest sin
It has been said — better out than in