2 min readApr 11, 2024

…why fight it?

author: MS Paint app

My problem isn’t all abject reasoning
Nor will I condone out of touch seasoning
For I love a rebellion, I could give into doubt
So please let’s keep separate the burgoo from the groat
Come Sunday, come May, I might have a little say
But come June, come thither, I’ll likely take winter
A handsome silken vest or perhaps lie in the gutter
But spare me the willow for tomorrow I’ll be chillin’
Let’s keep it in perspective, be sensible, be willing
For never the twain shall refrain to meet again
In a heartbeat we change — things can turn strange
Or we can live in the past where all pictures look pretty
As one’s sacred living is another one’s pity
Are we better or worse atop our mental high ground
Reserved for the righteous but never the clown
And if a billion or trillion bad reasons get found
Can a war of words become a war without sound
Would you hesitate to speculate, dream of a new dawn
Or head for the hills, hate that you were even born
Free now in the knowledge, one day you’ll return
To confront your tricksters and take your sojourn
For it takes many reasons, not just what’s in season
The rich also perish when the poor are appalling
So, enjoy the burgoo and plan for the groat
Plan for all seasons, don’t hold your hand out
Lest those…