Prince of Darkness

2 min readJun 3, 2024

no remorse

author: MS Paint — rep NYC, Chinatown mural

The prince of darkness
Prince of peace
Son of man
Of golden fleece
Gloom of storm
In faith to roam
In confidence
All roads to Rome
Where martyrs fall
A quest for all
Oncome they loom
By darkness strewn
Byroads and moors
In darkness gnaws
A cloaking pall
A Caesar sins
The road begins
And branches out
Its losing cause
And dead sea scrolls
From bleeding hearts
To heartless trolls
Truthless pols
Infected souls
Inverted laws
Invective calls
The rise and fall
Eternal sin
Much chagrin
It’s unabashed
And don’t fit in
No matter not
In thick and thin
The prince of darkness
Gloom of storm
Wanders wide
Four horses guide
No accouchement
Nor fall of man
Begot by sin
Where all began
And all has been
And always deemed
And always seemed
A drag
And drill
Like pigs to swill
No empire falls
Upon his shores
Where witches brew
Their casted slew
And free to choose
Taken chances
Invective chants
The prince of peace
To halt and cease
Stir the stir
And bring to force
Delay of judgement
No recuse and no remorse