Prim, Proper and Prance

2 min readOct 21, 2023


author: MS Paint — interpretation of street art - Kensington, PHL, PA — building since demolished

I’ve seen fallen artists
The fiend’s catharsis
Street side tarpaulins
Churlish farces
I’ve seen the desperate classes
The skinflint arses
Disparate angels
And silent sages
The trigger pulled
Summer set stages
Police undercover
Unrecovered strangers
Duly discovered media darlings
Street curb walkers
Alarming charmers
Instant karma
Michele Obama
Market gardeners
The suspicious rise of farmers markets
Falls from grace
Suburban tastes
The girl unchaste
Man in pursuit
The ginseng root
The mighty when fallen
Politicians dawdling
Stir-crazed inmates
Mixed-up tag plates
Drive-by crime rates
A nick of time
The thief sublime
And one on ones
Played down the line
Readymade choices
Silent voices
Hypocrites rallying
The sacred when dallying
Undermined wars
Corruption flawed
The population when it’s becoming bored
Fame hard sought
Propaganda taught
The student when groomed
Being tuned by doom
Our wishful thinking
A system sinking
Kool-Aid drinking
Platitudes offered for a Sunday printing
Trojan horses
Taiwan straightened
Mao’s war
The human shield
The fall of empires
The hollowed-out field
The always fooled
The not well-schooled
Inherited earth
An infiltered globe
How the powerful strode
Big business hopes
Eyewash for tropes
The command of daughters
Of a new world order
Should, could’ve…ought to
Like pigs to the slaughter
Lipstick dip sticked: prim, proper and prance