Only Cheyenne

2 min readSep 22, 2023

alive ‘n kickin’

author: MS Paint

If I ask you for a name
You’re gonna say Cheyenne!
Don’t do dope nor slam
Couldn’t tell you how to scam
Tell dealers now “go scram…
I am Cheyenne — bitch
Get my pram
Went and had myself a kid — damn!
Yep! Only Cheyenne
That was once what I was about
Making a killing on the scalp
It was not my only route
With all the trouble that it was
This ass needed out of dodge
Crocodile infested waters
Hangin ‘round empty street corners
Now it’s just me and Keith
All a beam and on relief
His baby twin was not so lucky
Gonna be huge with this little puppy
Someday I’ll feed him a true story
Made of times of gloom and glory
When others dropped like flies
Losing limbs, and hearts and minds
The Tranq filled fetty era
O.M.G. — just can’t get queerer
But all things must come to pass
Best do it haulin’ ass
Dealers don’t get any meaner
Rubbish collectors aren’t the street cleaners
Cuttin’ hope, cuttin dope
Poets living off worthless tropes
So stay the course girl
With your bundle
The program delivers all the wonder
Do some writing
Do some typing
You just know what you’ve gotta do

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