Old Time Quests

2 min readMay 26, 2024

…blinded by rainbows

author: MS Paint

Am I a confessor of old behests
Incidental falls, enraptured causes,
A seeker of truth, tenderer of quests
Revealer of cheek, never to implore
A blind study by telepathic minds
A dilemma in passion to explore
Not by whim, for I’m always free to sin
But carry around like a winning hoard
Who’s who, what is what, maybe it is you
Was Shakespeare the bard in a human zoo
Which pioneer embarked on Timbuktu
Was he the one who took his thoughts on cue
As the sun shines, the moon must often rise
We anticipate awaiting its flight
So best be sure the light is in our eyes
Perhaps imposters float upon the skies
Don’t be fooled by the newly or old schooled
Or other victims of eternal sin
Don’t be its graduate, don’t flail dim
One should be patient where it’s wearing thin
It might take a village; it will take strife
But reconstruction is a fool’s errand
For is there not such a thing…such as life
For some seem to live without such a vice
Desert the bubble and its transgressors
Time is of the essence, so too its whims
A new behest, brave as looted treasure
Won by the sword not an old confessor