Of Gold and Spring

2 min readSep 14, 2023

a poem

author: MS Paint

If you stray, lost — nearby or far off
Beckoned by castles in the air
I’ll still be there
Let them wash forth among the sacred iridescent shores
Deep valleys or across the timeless moors
I will be transported there
Even when darkness forebodes this wretched soul
Still sought to the ends of an uncivilized world
Or among the fields of poppies; all unrealized dreams…now forgone
Old roads weaved to tread
High hills and plains accosted not as yet by unforgiving man
Stomping grounds on ice and sand
Beyond the rose,
The thistle and thorn
By the breaking morn
And the fall of noon
Below the blood red moon
All for you
I’ll be searching through
And all the times now passed by
Shuffled by the wind, my guide
For you are just there
Just by my side
By the open fields
Of gold and spring
And everything
Where life sets in
The meadows last fall
And if you’re not there now
Does that mean you once did not visit
And on that minute, I was not born anew
Sharing those dreams, eschewed
Trinkets, stolen tears now dust on that blessed trail
’Twas all for ever that weary search pursuant, only for you