Nine Muses

2 min readSep 2, 2023


author: MS Paint

Can we walk a line so fine unto Elysian fields
Here to there; and move to break another seal
Thus abide by bold quest upon hallowed ground
As seven sacred trumpets wail their woes in blessed sound
Has not the prophet promised his kingdom be at hand
Heretofore Mozart mentioned, so too Jupiter, Saturn’s son
Apollo’s oracle too forewarned such times were apt to come
The Elysium holy waters helped to cleanse that sacred way
Nine muses sang along while nymphs were lost in nature’s play
Yet now the fields lie fallow, once sown of wheat and hay
They lay beyond Oceanus, out beyond the western plains
’Tis there we shall meet when night again turns into day
And greet the sun by kingdom come upon the misty morn
Ever onward drawn to Polaris, true north whence it is fixed
To venture that rare meadow lying beyond the River Styx
Silently cross by Hades’ cavern where Persephone once fell
Now among the fire and brimstone that even Dante might call Hell
And all the while we dream our love whilst risking such a fall
To seize the day, count the ways, like Horace, Shakespeare et al
This is where it leads, I know, the path to be explored
But risk your heart on me my love, for faith must be restored
Ofttimes true north, a lonely course, may as suddenly turn south