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it’s a Mondo poem (…this time 😎)

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What is a Mondo poem?

Mondo poems are often very brief collaborative affairs that present a question and answer in the style of trying to glean meaning from nature. Mondos can be as short as a one-liner or as long as two 5–7–7 syllable stanzas (the first stanza presenting the question; the second the answer).

I think I’ve broken every rule in the Mondo book — even though there appears to be only one, two, three, four, five, six rules. OK, so my dear friend I. Trudie Palmer wants a Mondo poem on insomnia — so I guess that’s a rule too, so that makes it seven. But I just can’t get poetic over such a thing — My Mondos (yea I wrote two) are more like sleeping advice, or philosophy on both sleeplessness and why not to write so-called poetry on the subject.

Notice also that Mondos are “quote” collaborative affairs — I don’t even know what that means — Is there like a ‘glimmer twins’ of Mondo writers in Japan collaborating? I will have to consult my dear friend みやびの映画日記 on that point. As for “gleaning meaning from nature” — that kind of becomes moot when the tag was to write about insomnia -doesn’t it? I’m not sure! Anyway, I’ve been backed into the following corner (and if it was not into that corner — then it would be a very similar corner, only with different words — and probably with just as much *displeasement to the ear.😎)

Mondo-itis #1

Must seek out sleep help
Enable human function
And conquer my compunction

Sleep advice is cheap
You can always reach your peak
But that may entail sleep

Mondo-itis #2

When all is in doubt
And you need some beddy-byes
You need to knock yourself out

Running makes you sleep
Drugs can make you sleep too
But above all don’t sniff glue

The Takeaway😎

Above all don’t sniff glue (and also) See I. Trudie Palmer ‘s proper version Insomnomanic

Thanks a bunch I. Trudie❤

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