I’ve Seen a Thousand

1 min readNov 2, 2023


Author: MS Paint — street mural representation, Kensington Ave, Kensington, PHL, PA

I’ve chanced upon a thousand outcasts
A thousand outskirts, a thousand cities
I’ve gone downtown in summertime
When lonely girls are pretty
I’ve died a thousand deaths
In the machinations of my mind
Seen off a thousand legacies
On street corners ‘round lunchtime
A thousand charlatans of scant advice
All of whom whence to find
Seen a thousand pine and grind
A thousand wish to shine
Conquered a thousand prospects
Slayed a thousand ghosts
Brought to bear those monsters
Celebrated most
I’ve ran the quickened mile
Claimed the highest peaks
Fallen by the wayside
To side streets retreat
Questioned a thousand morals
A thousand queries from my tongue
Censored a thousand critics
Wished most to kingdom come
But don’t recall wisdom’s glory
Where once was love of truth
To wisely live or live wisely
Thus may prove uncouth
Lessons are hard won
A thousand, should your will contort
Some may take a lifetime
Some may come to naught