I Thought It Was Spring

2 min readDec 2, 2023

’twas all a shine

author: MS Paint app

I thought it was spring
Might have been a dream I was in
Beside a cyan shore — bypassing castles in the air
White sandy beaches all adrift — this solemn soul laid waste to bare
A proprietor all anew — with now an empire in the Sun
Castaway accordingly, dreamt, like the chosen one
Perambulating, gestated speculation hence to come
A dream within a dream — no malice fell on these sanded shores
No more reason to give reasons nor lost causes to ignore
A floating dream in matrix — I stayed the course, a river side
The yellow perch all aflutter while pink salmon fought the tides
Fraught, the burden of their journey at once should be denied
The beach, the stream unfiltered quickly rolled all into one
And gilded dreams aglow, the golden figure shone
Idyllic, idle; a shining idol — but no need to be all three
As I swam among the tetra, seabirds floated on the breeze
Some say man unworthy to explore the trees and sea
But by rent or tent or nothing, one must do by deed
Woe be he who parts the sea by judgement or decree
So toe the line, a little crime — let repentance set you free