I Stand Here Alone

2 min readJul 24, 2023

mimetic art

author — MS Paint — representation of street mural - Somerset St and Kensington Av, PHL, PA

If you see me in the dust and terror
The grind and rhyme of human error
Beseech me not for I know what I do
Transfixed in my fishbowl view
I relinquish freedom from which I have fallen
Cautiously watching from an abutment in some dank wall
Wise only to the streetwise call
Infested by sin and rack ’n ruin
I have no free thought except to screw ‘em
Over, and let them bow to my mercy
Tender as they plead
Fall to their knees in their squalor and their sleaze
Beg me for more and do it when I please
Only then will you be released from the wrath of my disease
These are the streets — hey, remember me
I stand here alone
Watch patiently
Bewitched by the tapestry
Warning all — don’t fuck with me
There’s only one way down
If done half-hearted you’ll never drown
What happened to all the love
Why does the waxing moon never shine
As it washes over the dregs and the filth and the slime
It’s reflected in my eyes, there’s only one thing on my mind
Fortune favors the bold — but I will always wane obtuse
For I’m just another lie amidst all the slander that is truth