House of Mirrors

2 min readDec 20, 2023

now abandoned

author: MS Paint app

Grating, grinding grass like glass
The rub
Chafed, sculptured hard and sharp
Crafted by screams,
Cold as Christmas pudding struck
In an American dream steamed in spring
Revenge on a fateful day I crawl
Bud petals scant; yes, I rant; scattered below my knees and feet
Fraught, tension — another day to crave
By the lonely edge of a silent grave
Despite the beauty of the rose
Illusions staked
Let us pray
That we may
Win; that we may play
For today
And tomorrow begin once more
Down by the old seashore
Walking beside you
In tune
On a dog day afternoon
Swim, fall
For beauty
Even in that old grey mall
Stickup hall
House of mirrors…all
Now abandoned
Just reflections
And torment lost
Of love’s lonely passions
Of squander and seashells
And eggshells and misspent youth
Of truth and pain
As yet not slain
But how it was
When things weren’t lost
When times were new
And even driving rain
Could offer refrain
And a claim
Always, to your heart