Hate and Summer Set

2 min readJul 4
image author- MS paint

Down on hate street where the ash is buried
Bussin no cap might slip you in
The air is always thick with sin
And the old red house has not yet fallen
The stratospheric empire holds its burden
Weigh down on your poison — glass ton bury
Lighten that load if you take sherry
Charge another glass to rock’n roll
The auld shores born of old creole
The summer sun sets on Somerset
Still immersed in a dream that never quits
Inspiration from whence it was born
In flare cut jeans and a purple vest torn
Wherefore art thou summer of love gone
To the corners of Kensington / Somerset reborn
This just won’t do — it needs review
I love the garb — they’re pushin’ hard
It’s rock’n roll without the shard
Jesus played without the drums
Everything adds up, I’ve done the sums
Take me to the gutter, take me to the fringe
Take me to the edge where they’re in retreat
Escaping the clutches of auld haight street