Future History

2 min readMay 1, 2024

…no prophecy lives here

author MS Paint — representation of graffiti — New York, New York

I’m studying the future of history
Where everything’s upside down
The law of quest ready shaken
The relics of brains arcane
For no scholarly love dwells here
Just another hemisphere
That the sages once occupied
And the apples of their own little eyes
They can’t contend to live or die
And they take their fall before the slide
For no prophecy lives here
Just an outgoing tide in arrears
One might be dead before they did
As they strive towards a rising tide
And dream of ventures well now past
Recall the future while it still lasts
And see the fall of man
Vanity applied to rank and pride
Fooled by illusions, their future’s guide
And even when the track is narrowed
They double down, no shame they tarry
Living life in strife and chaos
Recall their foibles in poetics
Neatly written, keenly observed
From the future it rings absurd
For the path to history took an age
Twas not a story abject in tyranny
Nor badge of honor — or conjectural theory
But a thousand cultures condemned in petri
And a thousand roads far flung from victory