2 min readOct 27, 2023

4 — — — — — — — physical graffiti

author: MS Paint

It seems it is nothing; led astray
Lurking the hood out Camden way
A way of life on beautiful display
Of once bold times…now a world away
Rowing merrily dreamily down the Delaware
Cheyenne’s back in town! — Hell, no way!
WAY! …she’s hit the broad way
OMG girl, where have you been
I’ve already packed away the violin
In seven days God created sin
Under a tree of knowledge in old Camden
Do not partake of its fruit Cheyenne
Lest end up akin to Anne Boleyn
Off your head — wiped of cheek and grin
Bitch face rested — you don’t want chagrin
Lipstick on a pig — unadulterated sin
Misogyny on the run
Hold-up without a gun
Be careful Cheyenne…then some
If you wanna grow old
Cheyenne I’m running out of ink
Each time you relapse
I’ve gotta rhyme
Your fame now precedes your own lunchtime
That’s not a bad thing
You’ve gotta blow this scene
Perhaps one more time for our movie queen
Then off with your head
Was it worth it — did it sink in
Did it get under your skin
Cheyenne you’ll end up getting thin
Hardly a curse for the state you’re in
Everybody’s breakneck trying to escape
While you’re entrenched; prettied-up
On some dark hooded date