Cheat Sheet

2 min readApr 24, 2024

…for the glory box

author: MS Paint

I dreamed of a thesis creamed on a cheat sheet
Peachy SATs in an old morning glory box
Screamed at sleeping sheep — who wouldn’t be counted
Joined another realm where mathematics is flouted
Contracts of indenture — no longer sacred
Classes cloaked in mystery in a secret handshake basement
Comrades to instill us in society’s debasement
Requirement 101 in the STEM and social sciences
Always selectively rigid in all their compliance
Mediocrity rules, where we once built schools
On rock ’n roll? — No!
…on Marx’s chosen rules
Victim semantics is the class of choice
1984 rejected; once was rejoiced
Flipped the script completely — kick back and enjoy
No need for questions when the campus reigns
The last thing needed are critical thinking brains
Math is now racist — just engineered
Architects have become the sum of all our fears
Don’t need a boat to throttle our piers
Bridges will last another hundred years
Lead us down the garden path to unstill waters
Then we can be tenured to join in the slaughter
A front row seat to a systematic fall
Another second coming — like the USSR
Nightmares will awaken by overburdened debt
And daddy’s questions every morning
Like: “What the hell ’ve you learned?”