Big Baby Boomers

2 min readFeb 2, 2024

a catcher in the rhyme

author: MS Paint

Lord, let me dwell ‘mong the big baby boomers
A righteous shadow palled over millennials and zoomers
Take me to thy heavens, a star of the renaissance
Meat and potatoes — vision and patience
Lay me down, an insider — a kaleidoscope shyster
A hitchhiker, a diva…a paperback writer
Don’t make me beg — please don’t make me steal
Don’t make me borrow and don’t make me feel
Gimme fine arts, gimme culture — gimme cool, gimme shelter
Give me the inside running of all things, helter-skelter
Work me to a lather ajuxt the old Berlin Wall
Where red empires fall…let me take it all
Where apples are apples not worth a grapple
And the last Beatle standing has Holden Caulfield’s gall
Pretty love songs adorned — peace and brown rice for the cause
What’s the haps with the revolution of nineteen sixty-four
Lord, where is my Mercedes Benz and what is left in store
As we slip into dream number nine and AI steals it all
Sleepwalking into oblivion, just victims forlorn
Teacher leave them kids alone; unto you, they were not born
Heed warning this fine morning before the final straw
Set the controls for a hearty Sun
…And may the catcher break our fall