Alley Walls

2 min readAug 15

¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

author: MS Paint

Junkies scrawl on alley walls
Down the village a girl withdraws
Temperance stalls before its victory
Lucid thought is drenched in history
No need: esteem, nor social clutter
Morals are molded in the gutter
Burroughs never one to bluster
Nor forsake — but did he trust her
Holy disciples ready fallen
Poppy-stains on wine amphora
Man of folly, Man of sprite
Man of unsung morning glories
Holy blessed the squalid den
Stolen dreams by opium
Nightmares fall upon the sabbath
Nuns resplendent with dark habits
Ancient curses inculcated
Barley, poppy, Greek libation
The underground falls, vices all
It’s stenciled on the alley wall
Left wing causes — colored voices
A torture rack of ruined choices
Angels breeding sacred plans
Elysian fields of hope and glimmer
Rusted shame — the hapless sinner
All take pause on alley walls
Vision craft by pain and awe
The gospel truth — a free for all
By any way you wish to cut it
Open doors all soon get shuttered
Pretenders to the golden age
Hope replete, and greed infested
Wisdom accrues when one is busted
And shoots to fame on alley walls