A Princess and a Queen

2 min readJun 21, 2022

candle in the wind

pastel on paper

Let’s Go Musical at Paper Poetry

prompt by Carolyn Hastings

Love’s akin to a candle in the wind A thousand times bright can die by first light
Lie astray to pay if things have not dimmed
Snuffed out in an instant — snuffed out by spite
To dream of a starry night, Oh contraire
Belied safe harbor, the soul dares not stir
Aglow from the mantle, sees one so fair
An ill wind blows only once to occur
Upon dusty plains or when all at sea
Matters not lovers be windswept or blown
Nor bathed by the sun or starry night be
If inflamed from the torch whence love was sown
From pubs to palace, one soon uncovers
Princesses, queens, and their star-crossed lovers

Microsoft Paint


Some Candles in the Wind who might like to join 😎 — — — : Sinus Kosinus, Jaylee Reign, Ruhee Joshi, Saba Malik, Lucy Socha, Doa Demir, Bridie Dillon