A Darkened Hollow

1 min readJan 4
author: Paint

She was fostered from a gravestone on the outskirts of a city
A life well lived it seemed, but her chiton drenched in pity
A queen of airs and graces, from society’s heights she swam
By whetted tool was caught sublime in flight by her wingspan
She fell to the edge, a darkened hollow, now all was denied
Hitherto every sailor had worshipped at her side
Did she fall in anger or lose her mind in shame
Now left to roam her island home far from ancient land
Where once she stood high in winged victory of her age
Commadores trod fields of stone to be with her, and engage
Her splendor had few equals, her dignity always intact
It’s from those island ruins among like beauty she has crept
Reassembled through the ages she is now immortalized
The Nike, once the messenger, now she’s the greatest prize
Blue dawn awash the northern shores of Samothrace refined
At the sanctuary is carved a mystery of war ‘tween humankinds
From the ashes of the Gods, from the ruins faceless but true
Once again atop a precipice she adorns her sightless view