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And what corona should be given to thee
As the princess pines in solitary
Not upon a peak sought by arbitrary
But by a prince whose power is arbitrary
And held within stars not yet even born
Seen in shadows and seen in scorn
And is wrath before it hath come
Before made worlds collide in unison

On that yonder peak and in its valleys
On other worlds or within alien ship galleys
Planets orbit in the name of roman gods
But nothing orbits when nothing’s lost
And nothing’s deemed to have ever been
Where thou’st pulled into cosmic dreams
So let it leash unfurled to…


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Love’s transposed
So it goes
To wit, a sunny day
For out among the evergreen
In life hitherto serene
I find myself at play

Warbled song
I move among
Birds of gay display
This sward beyond the hinterland
Gives life these trills
All day

Red is Rose Mary
Deep in rosary
My escort to satisfy
So long may she suffer
Before I stop her
And win her trust by my display

For I tread fields
For love it feels
On this fair spring day,
I’m sprung outdoors
But hath joined the Carmelites
On some holy hill

But one more look…

modern takes and cancel cultures

#1 Shakespeare

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a starf***er sonnet

GiaB writing prompt #2–2 time: Via sonneteer William J Spirdione

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The original prompt has moved through a few hands started by Victor Sarkin, and goes: We invite writers to produce a piece of poetry, fiction or non-fiction on the theme of Time.
This prompt will close on 15th September, 2021 at 9:00AM PST/PDT. At which time, the next prompt will be released.

Victor appears to be very particular, I hope it’s not 9am, nor the 15th of September; I do know it’s 2021

And, on it goes:

The Guidelines

We cannot publish pieces or reward writers who…

in tongues

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If tainted by magic potions or cursed by false likenesses
Or drawn into a Dark Prince’s fray who offers no respite
Can foregiveness be expected for such folly as foretold
Or suffer consequences unseen on broad shoulders, scold

Imagination riveted by high intention be, my disrepute to blame
And all suggestive intervention a game that a child can play
Come cast upon this wicked ground slew with the dead
And fall prostrate upon sacred ground to await the supplicant

In my eyes because he says with divine fire on this such day
Be anointed among the martyrs marauding raiders…

a poem

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And if I could but cast thee in Michelangelo’s sacred marble
Or bury you in the words of Shakespeare’s virtuous sonnet
Cast you in bronze and set you high upon the plinth
Or paint you in the colors of Botticelli’s unsullied womb of Venus

Such sweet surrender thy could bring to my touch
Such artful and liberal ways from whence to observe
You dressed in morning’s light or beneath starry sky resplendent
Chic in nature’s deceptive ways of candor and sweet serene

But at a moment in time I thus imagine you transformed
In free form, not rent by…


a poem

img author

Come to me even if I don’t call
Or avoid me until I need you no more
Contain me in the fire and ice of love
My cold heart warmed by your seduction
Fall freely to swallow me up the most
When all is lost and everything costs
To catch me freely
And break my fall like a quest

If concurrent supplication be
I bend in front of you on one knee
On a chance encounter while singing
In the middle of the rowdy scene, I flounder
Listen to me in summons in front of the crowd
Now obediently posed, I sing your song
Naked to you, I raise my toast


prompt by J.D. Harms

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As you will see in J.D.’s prompt following the poem — he (accidently) publishes too early — in my case I (accidently) forget to write at all. In fact if I didn’t get writing prompts I’d dry up completely - like JD does three hours from midnight — or whenever it happens. Well all I can say is — I have now (written, that is), and you’re gonna have to put up with it.😎 Right JD?

I have slipped into a space where I can draft virtually throughout my day.

The last three hours of…

you’re 2000 light years from a poem

img altered Their Satanic Majesties Request album cover (author) animated img via Tenor


… underground notes

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